Submerge: Wheezers Book 0.5

Currently a work in progress

      What happens when the world you know, ceases to exist? Do you crumble in defeat, or rise up swinging? For Olivia St. John, the choice isn't easy. Having her circle of loved ones torn from her one by one, she questions whether there's anything left to live for. Is it better to be the survivor, or the deceased?
      "When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade." Such a cutesy phrase that some moron came up with, but I'd bet my life that his problems don't even scratch the surface of mine. Did he have to watch his mother being slaughtered like a criminal? Did he have to bash his feral neighbor's skull in? Was he dragged through the bowels of Hell? I doubt it, so he can take his lemons and shove them up his philosophical ass.

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